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11 December, 2005

Me me me!

So I was bored and did a few Google searches on "my-name is" here's the results:

  • James is bribing me with chocolate
  • James is a COUNTERFEIT!
  • James is also a mail application platform
  • James is based upon the Apache Avalon application framework
  • James is not writing about how to become a Christian
  • James is as forthright as an Old Testament prophet
  • James is offering you a free MP3 Download of an unreleased holiday song
  • James is a native New Yorker and graduate of New York City public schools
  • James is currently a Distinguished Writer-In-Residence at New York University
  • James is a professional speaker, author and relationship coach
  • James is also the coordinator for the Intranet Peers in Government group
  • James is not a King James Bible

Hmmm, and that's just from the first page.

  • JPB is also not willing to take the risk
  • JPB is required to publish the goals in the newspapers
  • JPB is unable to accept an Order for goods due to insufficient stocks
  • JPB is advocating "concentration camps" for the poor using similar justifications to Nazi Germany
  • JPB is developing a publishing model that invites creative professional partners
  • JPB is forming a new trio that will go on tour summer 2006
  • JPB is open Monday through Friday form 9:00 am to 5:00pm
  • JPB is not proceeding with this AGREEMENT
  • JPB is operating within the budget forecast for this period
  • JPB is a network-aware worm that has distributed denial of service and back door capabilities

And that lot are just plain strange!

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