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18 December, 2005

Hot scar action!

So, just in case anyone had any morbid curiosity and wanted to see my chin scar and its 9 stitches, I've just added a new photo album containing some views of what's left of my chin after the unfortunate incident!

Random memories from that day:

  • everyone at work saying "What are you doing here? Why aren't you at home?",
  • the nurse at work "Woahh, that's a deep cut!" and "You need to get that looked at in hospital"
  • text message from Mum "silly boy"
  • the nurse at the hospital (while taking my blood pressure, blood oxygen and pulse) "You must work out" (after saying that a good resting heart rate is between 50-100 bpm, then turning round and seeing that I had 54bpm :) if I'd had slightly more blood left in my system, I might have recognised that as a possible chat up line!

In other news, play my game! Already played it? Play it again!

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