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23 January, 2003

Great article on blogging over at O'Reilly network - My Blog, My Outboard Brain. Starts off with a Douglas Adams quote (form Dirk Gently if you must know), then goes on to explain exactly how and why I currently use the jardBRAIN. Really connected with me.

And here's the DNA quote:

Take the VCR, for example. Not only can it watch TV for you, it can watch more channels and watch them better than you can. Similarly, the Electric Monk does your believing for you. Instead of having to wade through mountains of propaganda, you'd tell your Electric Monk to pick a few random hopeless causes each week. - Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

(anyone watching carefully has just spotted my first ever, in the wild, grown-up usage of the <q> <cite> tags. Mmmm felt good)