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26 September, 2005

A Retrospective of Star Wars Galaxies Facts

This is the first of a series of posts of info that I'd previously compiled and posted to my old guild's website. I'm backing them up here in case they go missing (since the guild has!), it will be cleaned up, edited and added to later.

Rage of the Wookiees and Kashyyyk info:

ROTW related Friday Features:

Pilot FAQ (lists the new ships and how to get them, and their stats)

Idiot's Guide to Space Mining

RotW Loot:

A lot of the new random loot drops (from http://forums.station.sony.com/swg/...essage.id=22970 which also has links to other loot and reward pictures)

Master List of RotW Loot

New Kashyyyk NPC/Creature Loot List

Jedi Starfighter Quest and Details and Pictures (note that as this is Anakin's old fighter, and its Darth that gives it out, you'll need an Imp alt to get it)

The Explorer's Guide to the Clone Relics

CU info:

Though it has many omissions and contains much that is apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate, the SOE Knowledgebase actually has some useful information in it for once, as well as looking at these out of game, remember that its also accesible via Ctrl+H ingame!

SOE KB article 15690: Combat Upgrade Changes: Index

SOE KB article 15691: Combat Upgrade Changes: Weapon Certification List

SOE KB article 15681: How do I /peace out of combat?

SOE KB article 15674: What happened to Battle Fatigue?

The always useful (and little known) Top Known CS Issues - CU - ROTW (and remember that in the Ctrl + H holocron ingame there's also a regularly updated top known issues page with a big button of its own)

Combat Upgrade FAQ

Entertainer Inspiration Buffs

Doctor CU FAQ

Information on CU Armor for Customers

Post CU Weapon Cert List (its slightly different, and has more info than the one in the official KB)

Tuesday Tips, read on through the thread (ignoring trolls) and there's loads of other useful info in there too

Center of Being

Pass-Through Assisting


Take your min damage, add to your max, Divide by 2, Then divide by your weapon speed/modified speed

ie. [(min+max)/2]+elemental damage/speed.

eg 400-800 3.0 speed.

400+800 = 1200

1200/2 = 600

600/3 = 200, your base damage per second is 200 dps.

a 400-800 weapon with 90 elemental damage of 3.0 speed.

400+800 = 1200

1200/2 = 600

600+90 = 690

690/3 = 230 dps

(from weaponsmith forums)

Creature / NPC Con Colours

* Grey - Too low, not worth fighting

* Green - A small amount of experience, should be an easy fight, could be trouble if there are more than 1 or 2 opponents

* Blue - Ideal target, decent experience 1 on 1, but could be tough if there are 2 or more opponents

* White - Even Target 1 on 1; good fight

* Yellow - Dangerous fight; stronger than you, but you might win

* Red - Very dangerous fight. Unlikely you will beat this opponent

* Purple - Certain Death

Main Combat Upgrade Official Docs Index

Misc CU Hints and Tips from the Community

* Remember that everything has changed.

* Treat it just like you are playing a new game and having to learn about it.

* Many of the special abilities are on different timers. Pay attention how long your special abilities take to complete and which "cool-down" groups they are in. Then, you can time your attacks so that while one attack is "cooling down", you can use your other attack to stay in the fight!

* Don't SPAM! Combat is different and you need to pay attention to what is going on

* Know your recoveries!

* Keep an eye on that Action Bar!

* Don't "assume" that specials will do what they did before the upgrade

* Use the Line of Sight, use the -ROOT- Attacks, and make sure before going in understand that your first move my not be the right move all of the time.

* Always consider adding your state recovery abilities on your toolbar for fast access - especially KnockDown Recovery.

* After traveling, make sure to store your vehicle before entering combat. It can save extra wear and tear on it by preventing NPC's and creatures from attacking it if you leave it out in the world

* If you are incapacitated, be sure to turn your auto-attack off while laying on the ground otherwise when you get up your attack will go off and you could be incapacitated again by getting the attention of an angry creature or NPC!

* If you turn combat spam to brief mode (options->misc), you can drag the combat tab to its own window and make it small, you can have a nice view of combat taken/delivered without sacrificing the chat window. To enhance this, set up sentence colorization to your name and you can differentiate yourself from other people in combat

* See your local chef for Dustcrepe and Jaar; they can provide an instant cure for Disease and Poison, respectively. These will be useful to have around for combatants without a Doctor present. Your local chef can also provide Cavaellin Cremes and Starshine Surprise! Both of these will decrease incapacitation time

* Listening to an entertainer for a few minutes will give you a percentage bonus to most forms of experience gain for several hours. New players/characters: be sure to listen to an entertainer or pick up entertainer yourself - it works in camps out in the field too!

* If you're getting lower than expected damage with your typical weapon, swap over to a weapon with the other damage type (kinetic/energy) if you have one. It often makes a big difference

* Watch your action/mind bars! If they drop too far, your auto-attack will shut down and you'll need to re-attack! The fastest way to die is to just be standing there because you didn't realize that you weren't attacking.

* If you have medic skills, using them in a fight can buy you time to get your action bar recharged. If action gets low, slap down heals for a few cycles to give it a chance to recharge; they drain little enough action that your regen will outpace the amount they use, and the heals will mostly counter or even outpace the damage you're taking.

* If your target BAFs, run and gun. The friends will eventually drop away and you can finish your target.

* You can no longer solo a Krayt, so don't try!

* When you see a RED con, it REALLY means you will not win!

* Weapons have Max ranges, use your "roots" and "snares" to your advantage

* Deathblow - Creatures and NPCs who perform deathblow will currently do them every time, and from range. You need to be careful out there!

RotW Concept Art

Thank you, and goodbye! If anyone else has any helpful info to share, go on and reply!