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21 April, 2007

Good luck Nick!

My little brother, Nick, is currently racing across Europe in the Scumball 3000 European Car Race Rally. Him and three friends have bought a sub £500 Saab car and are spending 4 days racing across at least 5 countries, waking up each morning not knowing where they're driving to that evening.

Good luck to him, I think he'll need it stuck in the same car for days on end, with 3 smelly mates, with not even loo breaks allowed as they're such serious racers!

If anyone wants to track the route they're taking (last seen in Stuttgart last night after starting in England that morning) you can track cars in the race on the official site.

He's racing on behalf of the Winston's Wish charity. Anyone wanting to sponsor him, and why wouldn't you want to? can visit his team's online sponsorship form here.