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18 December, 2005

Hot scar action!

So, just in case anyone had any morbid curiosity and wanted to see my chin scar and its 9 stitches, I've just added a new photo album containing some views of what's left of my chin after the unfortunate incident!

Random memories from that day:

  • everyone at work saying "What are you doing here? Why aren't you at home?",
  • the nurse at work "Woahh, that's a deep cut!" and "You need to get that looked at in hospital"
  • text message from Mum "silly boy"
  • the nurse at the hospital (while taking my blood pressure, blood oxygen and pulse) "You must work out" (after saying that a good resting heart rate is between 50-100 bpm, then turning round and seeing that I had 54bpm :) if I'd had slightly more blood left in my system, I might have recognised that as a possible chat up line!

In other news, play my game! Already played it? Play it again!

16 December, 2005

Play Connect 4 in MSN Messenger!

My first entry to the MSN World's Best App competition, an online, multi-player version of the classic Connect Four game, has just made it through the checking process and is now live on MSN!

Please try it out, have a game with me, or anyone else you know on Messenger: Just click here to play multiplayer Connect Four! (requires Internet Explorer and MSN Messenger) Please play it as much as you can, and if you have any comments, questions about it or problems with it I'd be very grateful if you could please leave me feedback on my MSN Space.

Thanks, and please play it as much as you can, every time you launch the app counts as a vote for me :).

Oh, and if you've got your own MSN Space and you'd like to spread the word, just click the BlogIt! button to put it straight on your Space.

So... not the best day I've had lately

So I was riding my bike to the station yesterday morning, when I suddenly lost all grip on my tires, the bike slipped out from under me, and I ended up sliding across the tarmac on my face.

On the upside, my cycle helmet is totally unscratched, undented and untouched.

On the downside, I spent the morning in St Bart's Hospital getting a load of X-rays taken, various parts of me prodded, and I've ended up with my left arm in splints (possibly fractured wrist) and I have 9 stitches on my chin!

11 December, 2005

MSN Compo Entered!

Have finally got round to submitting my first entry to the MSN Messenger World's Best App Contest. Thanks to everyone who's helped me out with the testing of this one and the little test apps, especially the people who pointed out my bugs mistakes deliberate errors.

Just got to wait for it to appear now, and see how the world takes me!

Me me me!

So I was bored and did a few Google searches on "my-name is" here's the results:

  • James is bribing me with chocolate
  • James is a COUNTERFEIT!
  • James is also a mail application platform
  • James is based upon the Apache Avalon application framework
  • James is not writing about how to become a Christian
  • James is as forthright as an Old Testament prophet
  • James is offering you a free MP3 Download of an unreleased holiday song
  • James is a native New Yorker and graduate of New York City public schools
  • James is currently a Distinguished Writer-In-Residence at New York University
  • James is a professional speaker, author and relationship coach
  • James is also the coordinator for the Intranet Peers in Government group
  • James is not a King James Bible

Hmmm, and that's just from the first page.

  • JPB is also not willing to take the risk
  • JPB is required to publish the goals in the newspapers
  • JPB is unable to accept an Order for goods due to insufficient stocks
  • JPB is advocating "concentration camps" for the poor using similar justifications to Nazi Germany
  • JPB is developing a publishing model that invites creative professional partners
  • JPB is forming a new trio that will go on tour summer 2006
  • JPB is open Monday through Friday form 9:00 am to 5:00pm
  • JPB is not proceeding with this AGREEMENT
  • JPB is operating within the budget forecast for this period
  • JPB is a network-aware worm that has distributed denial of service and back door capabilities

And that lot are just plain strange!