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03 December, 2002

Well haven't been here for a long time. Shows just how long I've been playing around with creating my own Blogging software for. Must get off my arse and actually finish it off sometime.

OK I did eventually manage to hack the Routefinder, but only through a weak password, and only after I didn't really need to anyway. So for a variety of reasons I'm not going to publish the details in public.

Must remember to jot down thoughts (roughly) when they occur to me and not months afterward.

Just got the test version of my Jard weather script showing actual weather conditions (albeit crudely) in addition to the bare temperature and wind strength/direction that it carried before. Must remember to convert the long list of "if... elsif... elsif... ...." to a far tidier hash based implementation once I can actually be arsed to type in (or copy-and-paste) the actual text for the decoded weather types.