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10 June, 2007

LOL BOTS for teh w1n!

I never really got the whole captioned (or macro-d) kittens craze, as exemplified at I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER, maybe its because I'm just not a cat person (the guinea pigs work for me though).

However LOL BOTS is a concept that I can totally get behind. And have. My three submissions to the site (so far) are below:

I started off by injecting a little bit of class into the proceedings:

(I feel that I really ought to apologise to Fritz Lang at this point)

Then a little bit of hungry tachikoma:

(Maybe they really do have a ghost?)

And finally some boyz from the Dwarf:

Smeeee-ee-eeeeh-eeeg heeeeaaad

And almost certainly more to come!

PS Is it just me, or does xkcd have a comic for every occasion?

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