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13 February, 2003

Things that wind me up, today:

  1. Forms on web sites that don't use the label tag, especially with radio buttons and checkboxes. Why should I be forced to aim my mouse pointer at some tiny, little target just because you so-called professional web developer can't be arsed to learn and utilise some incredibly easy part of the HTML spec. It's not even as if it's difficult to use:
    <label for="control_id">Some text<label>

    And as an added bonus it means the form is easier to understand for anyone using a screenreader (eg the visually impaired) and it makes the form far easier to go through and debug using something like Mozilla's Page Info dialog screen.

  2. Why can't I search for entries in a Livejournal blog such as jwz's? All I want to do is track down a link he posted about a month ago, how do I do something that simple?

(And yes I do seem to be in a bit of a mood for using the different HTML list tags today)